Expect delays

Published on Thu, Jul 19, 2001
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Expect delays

Drivers may find they have more time to admire the scenery along Grandview Road until mid-August, due to traffic delays caused by construction of a sewer line from the BP/ARCO refinery to the Birch Bay sewer treatment plant. Grandview will remain open during the construction.
“The completion date of the project depends upon the relocation of the pump station,” said Roger Brown, general manager of Birch Bay water and sewer district.

Recently the state department of ecology raised standards for the treatment of industrial domestic wastewater. BP/ARCO agreed to abdicate domestic water treatment for their Cherry Point refinery to the water and sewer district. The proposed pump station would assist in transporting water from BP/ARCO to Birch Bay for treatment. The district has agreed to treat 30,000 gallons of water per day.

The location for the pump station is currently being decided by the two organizations. The currently proposed location at the northwest corner of Arco property would provide direct access for BBWSD. Regardless of location proposals, the station would remain on BP/ARCO property.
Pump station construction is predicted to begin November 19 once the pump station location is finalized and will not affect traffic flow.

The station is needed to ensure that solids flowing between BP/Arco and BBWSD do not become corrosive from lingering in an anoxic environment for extended periods. The pump station would also add calcium hydroxide to the wastewater, creating an oxygen present environment, preventing this corrosion.

“This ensures that the quality of influent is optimized,” Brown said.
An archeologist was contracted to monitor the excavations. “In the event that any archeological artifacts are discovered, the project will be halted,” project manager Duane Martinsen said. However, after the first two days of monitoring, Martinsen does not expect that any artifacts will be found..

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