Attacker wanted to break a spell with gasoline

Published on Thu, Aug 23, 2001 by Christine Callan

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Attacker wanted to break a spell with gasoline

By Christine Callan

A Canadian man remains in custody after he attacked two people with gasoline in hopes of breaking a magic spell last week. Tejpal Sing Kaiser 49, of Surrey, British Columbia is being held on $200,000 bail suspected of second degree assault, first degree murder and first degree attempted arson.

The attack took place about 3:19 p.m. Wednesday at the Bayside Motor Inn and Apartments. Bhubinderpal Chandel, a local acupuncturist was treating a patient when an unannounced visitor entered into his apartment, where he practices, and began flinging gasoline in Chandel’s face. His patient at the time of attack was also soaked in gasoline, according to police.

“I was there for my weekly appointment,” patient Jude Grimm said. “He stormed in with liquid getting it all over me.”

Chandel, 65, wrestled Kaiser out the door and down the stairs while Grimm locked the door behind them and called the police.

When police arrived Kaiser was standing in the courtyard of the apartment complex soaked in gasoline, armed with a lighter. Kaiser told officers that he had gone to the apartment complex to set fire to another man who had caused his family trouble through the use of black magic.

“He thinks this man is influencing his sons with magic,” police detective Doug Balmer said, explaining Kaiser thought Chandel’s magic made his sons sleep late and wear clothes he disapproved of Chandel said relations with Kaiser had always been positive. Kaiser and his family have been patients of Chandel and Kaiser had been treated the week before where he discussed financial troubles and told Chandel he thought an evil spirit was in his house.

“I had no idea why he was attacking,” Chandel said. “I have given he and his wife free treatment because he wasn’t able to afford it.”

“I told him ‘Don’t pour it out, I haven’t done you any harm,” Chandel recalled. Chandel said he didn’t see a lighter and Kaiser didn’t try to start a fire during the attack.

Chandel said that Kaiser never said anything to him during the attack. After struggling with Kaiser, Chandel jumped down onto a landing in front of his second floor door, bruising his leg. His skin, mouth, nose and eyes stung from the gasoline.

Emergency crews suggested Chandel go to St. Joseph Hospital but Chandel refused. Instead he asked a cousin to give him accupressure treatment which entails massaging of the feet and other parts of the body to relieve stress and pain.

The apartment reeked of gasoline until the landlord shampooed the carpet Wednesday evening. Chandel is not worried about anymore attacks or trouble. “All the time I express my help,” Chandel said. “I am a social worker and I help people.”

Chandel was a social worker in his native country India. He received an award from Mother Teresa of Calcutta for his humanitarian work. A picture of him receiving this award is displayed in his apartment.

“I am a very peaceful man,” Chandel said. “I don’t have fear, I don’t have anger, because there was never any dispute. I am just thanking God that he saved both of us.”

Kaiser is scheduled to be arraigned on Friday August 24 in Washington Superior Court. As a foreign citizen suspected of a major crime, the U.S. Boarder Patrol will hold Kaiser with no bail until he is tried, should he be released from jail. .

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