Gardner draws big gun to Boblett

Published on Thu, Oct 4, 2001 by Meg Olson

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Gardner draws big gun to Boblett

By Meg Olson

This weekend Senator Georgia Gardner continued her campaign to get a stoplight at the intersection of Boblett Street and SR543 by bringing the state’s transportation chief to take a look at the intersection himself. State transportation secretary Doug MacDonald drove to Blaine from Olympia on Saturday and with Gardner at the wheel, drove through the intersection from every angle.

“They talk about it like it’s a freight mobility problem and it’s not,” Gardner said, “It’s a safety problem.” She asked MacDonald to fast-track a stoplight for the accident-prone intersection, which state transportation officials have been reluctant to put in until the full reconstruction of the truck route can get underway. The project is currently stalled due to lack of funding.

“From seeing it I understand what she’s saying,” MacDonald said, adding that another accident last week underlined the need to act now. “That tends to confirm the urgency of the situation,” he said. “We’re on the case.”

MacDonald said the trick now was to find resources to make it happen. “There are about ten thousand places in Washington where someone has a problem,” he said.

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