Touched by an angel?

Published on Thu, Oct 25, 2001
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Touched by an angel?

Blaine police broke up a brawl last week after neighbors reported six people armed with knives and baseball bats were dusting it up on the front lawn of an Adelia Street apartment complex.

According to a Blaine police chief Bill Elfo, a 22-year-old male Blaine resident and several friends went to the home of Angilina Bowe, purportedly to confront her regarding rumors and accusations made against his girlfriend. Bowe also had some friends over and a fight broke out between the two parties.

Police arrived to find one man threatening them with a baseball bat. After he surrendered his weapon, officers interviewed all six combatants and pieced together the fight scene.

Bowe was the only person arrested. She was booked into Whatcom County jail for first degree assault after plowing into the fray armed with a bat and a knife and attempting to stab another woman.

Because of conflicting accounts from witnesses, no other charges have been laid, but Elfo said the investigation will continue and additional charges are possible.

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