Devilish golfer runs amuk

Published on Thu, Nov 8, 2001
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Devilish golfer runs amuk

On Friday local resident David Lance Sommerville pleaded not-guilty in Superior Court to charges he assaulted his mother and held her captive.
Sommerville was arrested October 25 at his mother’s home on 8th Street for a laundry list of charges after his mother escaped from the home and called police. The 60-year-old woman said her son had assaulted her and held her captive in the home for 24 hours, threatening her with a golf club and ripping the phone out of the wall when she tried to call for help.

Sommerville was wanted on warrants for possession of controlled substances and possession of dangerous weapons by a convicted felon, as well as local warrants for driving without a license. He was not an easy arrest.

When police arrived at the home with the mother’s permission to go in, Sommerville told them “nobody is home, leave a message,” when they knocked. Police chief Bill Elfo said he appeared enraged when officers entered, told them he was the devil and charged them. The two officers who responded to the call couldn’t restrain the 6’1”, 190 pound man and three off-duty officers and a border patrol agent left their CPR class to assist.

One officer landed at Saint Joseph hospital with a nasty bite on the arm. Sommerville landed in county jail.

A trial date has been set for December 3.

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