Stretch your brain, tone your attitude

Published on Thu, Feb 14, 2002
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Stretch your brain, tone your attitude

The Chicken Soup for the Mind series, sponsored by the Ladies Club of Semiahmoo, is continuing on a theme of physical and mental well-being and delves into the secrets behind Olympic gold.

Ralph Vernacchia, professor of physical education and director of the Center for Performance Excellence at Western Washington University will delve into what makes a winning Olympian tick. Olympic athletes develop and use mental skills that help them succeed in high performance sport and those same skills can help everyone enhance their own sport performance, their work or their home lives. Vernacchia, an expert on applied sport psychology, will discuss the four Cs of personal excellence – confidence, concentration, composure and commitment.

Vernacchia’s February seminar “Winning Attitudes of Olympic Athletes,” is the second in the 2002 seminar series. Future seminar titles include “Ecology and the Reduction of Pollution in Drayton Harbor,” by Geoff Menzies and a visit from Dr. Violet Malone, self-described philosophical humorist.

“We really welcome everyone to come and hope to attract people from the Blaine community,” said seminar organizer Pat Gilson. Seminars are held at the Semiahmoo golf club in the Palmer Room from 7 to 9 p.m., and dessert and coffee are served. Reservations and a schedule of seminar dates are available through Gilson at 371-6411. Reservations for Vernacchia’s February 19 seminar need to be made before February 15..

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