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Published on Thu, Mar 7, 2002
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Help with housing decisions

Choosing housing or long term care solutions can be a tricky business for older adults, but two recent publications can give you the information you need to make the right choice.

People thinking about long-term care in an adult family home or boarding home – for themselves or for a family member – will obtain valuable information from a brochure produced by the Washington Department of Social & Health Services (DSHS).

“Choosing Care in an Adult Family Home or Boarding Home” encourages families to talk about life changes when beginning to make these important decisions.

The brochure lists the steps to selecting a residential care facility and tells readers how to find suitable homes in their own counties. It includes a checklist of questions to ask when visiting facilities in order to make the best decision.

Order brochures from DSHS by email, postal mail (P.O. Box 45816, Olympia, WA 98504-5816), or fax (360-64-0597). Provide the name of the brochure, publication number (DSHS 22-707), how many you want, and your mailing address. You can also read it on-line at or call 1-800-422-3263 to receive a single copy.

The Washington Association of Housing and Services for the Aging (WAHSA) Options for Senior Living 2002 brochure provides practical information on how to choose the right senior housing. The brochure also includes a listing of over 100 not-for-profit facilities located throughout the state of Washington committed to providing a high level of care and services to older adults. To receive a free copy of Options for Senior Living call 206/204-0040 or visit the website.

WAHSA is the state association of not-for-profit housing and services in Washington State. Members consist of senior housing facilities, retirement communities, assisted living facilities, nursing homes and community services.

There is also a wealth of information about where to live after 50 online. For a comprehensive searchable database of housing options for older adults, and reams of information about how to choose one, visit the AARP web site at More resources are available at and

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