In other city council business...

Published on Thu, May 16, 2002
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In other city council business...

Council unanimously approved a change to city rules about who can request a change in power service. “We want it clarified that there can’t be any changes by anyone except the owner or the owner’s authorized representative,” said city finance director Meredith Riley. “There have been problems in the past. The owner needs to know.”
The only council member with any questions on the matter was John Liebert. “Have you had any questions about why it’s the landlord’s business? I have,” he said. Riley said she had not.

Blaine police chief Bill Elfo got council signatures on letters to U.S. Representative Rick Larsen asking for his support under a new proposal from the federal Office of Wireless Management to review whether Blaine police can stay on the border patrol emergency dispatch system. The border patrol has for the last 50 or more years answered 911 calls in Blaine and dispatched police and emergency personnel. In exchange, the local police provide backup for border patrol agents.
“A day never passes where our officers do not work hand in hand,” wrote Elfo, citing recent cases, one involving a driver crossing the border with a pipe bomb and one a drug seizure worth over $100,000.

Public works director Grant Stewart said that road chip-sealing planned for this summer would be limited because extensive road-bed preparation will be required on the most deteriorated streets before the county can come in with chip-sealing crews under contract to the city. “It’s only going to be the more beat-up roads that get chip sealed this year with the $50,000 we have to do it,” Stewart said.