Book buddies

Published on Thu, Jul 4, 2002
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Book buddies

Blaine will be one of five Whatcom County Libraries to launch the internationally celebrated Book Buddies program this July.

The program is intended to provide middle and high school students with volunteer experience and give children in first through third grades some one-on-one time with an older buddy.

Once weekly this month, buddies will meet for half an hour of reading. Four Blaine middle schoolers have been trained and all that’s missing now is the younger half. Kathy Richardson, branch manager at Blaine’s public library, said only three younger buddies have signed up. She hopes for more, and has space for up to eight. For those who can’t be involved with the Book Buddies program, plenty of other opportunities are available. The Summer Reading Program offered through the Whatcom County Library System is also running in Blaine. Participants earn prizes for reading.

Governor Gary Locke has issued a challenge to students to read for 15 hours by August 15. All of those under 18 who reach the goal and report their success to the governor will be eligible to win prizes, including a trip to Disneyland.

For more information visit, or call 360/902-0492. To find out more about Book Buddies, call the Blaine Public Library at 332-8146.

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