The right choice for your mood

Published on Thu, Sep 26, 2002
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The right choice for your mood

The color of your walls does more than just express your personal taste. It can actually influence the mood of those who spend time in your home.
If you are about to repaint a room, here are some things you should know about the hues you might use:

Red packs a wallop, physiologically speaking, increasing blood pressure, heartbeat and energy in most people, according to the Rohm and Haas Paint Quality Institute. It instills feelings of intimacy, passion and sexuality. Red also increases the appetite, which explains why it is used so often in restaurants, and why it can be a good choice for a dining room.

Orange, like red, tends to warm a room, but in a more friendly and welcoming way. As a result, paints that come in various shades and tints of orange work well in living rooms and family rooms.

Yellow is also warm and welcoming, but it is more attention-getting than either red or orange. For this reason, it is a good paint color to use in poorly lit foyers or dark hallways.

Blue, which is part of the cool color palette, makes us feel calm and tranquil, so it is ideal for use in bedrooms. But since blue works as an appetite suppressant (perhaps because there are so few blue foods) it may not be the best option for a dining room.

Green is another relaxing color that is much more versatile than blue. Light greens are ideal for bedrooms and living rooms; midtones are good for kitchens and dining rooms.

Violet is a tricky color. Many adults dislike purples, but are fond of the rose family, which can work in many rooms, including dining rooms, bedrooms and libraries. Young children, on the other hand, respond favorably to violet so this color can be used successfully in children’s bedrooms and play areas.

These general guidelines are a good starting point in your search for a color. But the experts at the Rohm and Haas Paint Quality Institute remind you that color choice is a very personal matter. You’re the one who has to live with your new paint color, so choose a hue that suits you, your family and your lifestyle.

After investing time to select just the right color interior paint, make sure it continues to look that way long-term by investing in a top quality coating, which will go on smoothly and evenly, resist stains, touch up nicely and hold its color over time.. .