Turkey frenzy getting ready to roll

Published on Thu, Nov 14, 2002
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Turkey frenzy getting ready to roll

Annie Magner needs drivers, packers, pies and dollars to get Thanksgiving dinner on a growing list of otherwise empty Blaine and Birch Bay tables. Last year, Magner coordinated 50 turkey dinners for needy families. This year she already has 100 families on her list.

This year Magner said they will move away from pre-made food like mashed potatoes, green beans and yams delivered in aluminum pans and give families the raw materials. “We’re trying to make the resources we have go further,” Magner said. “Last year we spent a lot on aluminum pans we could spend on food and this way a box will stretch for a couple of meals. Five pounds of potatoes goes a long way.”

One hundred pies, one hundred batches of cranberry sauce and money are topping Magner’s list of current needs. “The rest is easier for us to purchase, unless there’s a potato farmer out there who wants to help,” she said. Cash donations can be made at the Cost Cutter service desk. Magner said every family turkey dinner, including turkey, pie, potatoes, yams, milk, butter, rolls, dressing and green beans costs from $45 to $50. “It’s not much if you think how much you spent on your Thanksgiving dinner last year,” Magner said.

Magner is also looking for volunteers to help load the dinners into boxes at the Pizza Factory on Peace Portal Drive on November 27 and drive them to their destinations. This year the advanced home economics class from Blaine high school will help with packing dinners and Magner hopes more community groups can get involved. “I’m trying to draw groups in so this can be a whole community event,” she said.

If enough funds are raised and a core group of enthusiastic volunteers develops this year, Magner said she would like to put Christmas baskets together next month and perhaps organize a year-round program of holiday deliveries.. .

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