Gardner on tax appeals board

Published on Thu, Jan 9, 2003 by Meg Olson

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Gardner on tax appeals board

By Meg Olson

Former Blaine city council member and now former state Senator Georgia Gardner won’t be out of a job. Governor Gary Locke has selected Gardner, an accountant, as one of three members of the state board of tax appeals.

“Georgia brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this position, both as an accountant and former legislator,” said Locke of the appointment. “I am confident she will do a great job.”

The Board of Tax Appeals is responsible for adjudicating a variety of tax-related disputes including excise taxes, public utility valuations, exemption decisions at the state level, and property tax appeals stemming from the actions of county boards of equalization. The board is the state’s primary administrative tax court linking state and county tax administration with the court system.

Appointed November 26, Gardner takes up the new position this month and her term lasts until 2007.
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