Golden Nut plans to start in June

Published on Thu, Mar 27, 2003 by Rebecca Schwarz Kopf

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Golden Nut plans to start in June

By Rebecca Schwarz Kopf

The Golden Nut company will be setting up shop in the former Geographics building on Odell Road. Golden Nut is owned by the Golden Boy food company, based in Burnaby, British Columbia.

�The emphasis right now is putting in a peanut butter line and this will basically be homogenized peanut butter as well as old-fashioned,� project manager Graeme Reid said. �It�s a very good product.�

The plant hopes to start work by June; however, the company still needs to purchase equipment and other necessary infrastructure of business.

�For this facility immediately there are 14 million pounds of business already being done in the United States,� he said. �So we can hit the ground running.

�Initially I suppose we�re going to need somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 people, but we�re going to follow this up either simultaneously or quickly thereafter with deep-fry nut products,� Reid said, noting the employment could go up.

A 15,000 square foot cooler will be housed within the 80,000 square foot warehouse on the premises. The cooler will store peanuts, trucked in from areas such as Oklahoma and Chile, that will be processed, packaged and shipped from the facility.

�We�ll also bring in what they call Virginia Jumbos, which are in the shell. Those will be packaged for stores and sold as a snack,� he said. The company wanted to set up a facility in Blaine because of the international relationship."

The company wanted to be in this area. I think the reason for that is the great relationship that exists between Blaine and the Canadian side,� Reid said, noting other companies such as Nature�s Path and Totally Chocolate also produce goods here. �I think it was just hitchhiking on that great relationship developed between the people of Blaine and Canada.�

Reid said the company intends to make the facility a long-term commitment. �They�re looking for a long term business and a long term relationship with the people of Blaine,� he said.

Golden Boy foods is one of three peanut butter producers in western Canada. The company currently offers over 200 products, and started in 1979 as a one-product company.

Of these 200 products, peanut butter continues to be its core business. The company is also western Canada�s largest private labeler of peanut butter. The company is a major importer and distributor of nuts, dried fruits and other dried goods.

Geographics, a printing business, formerly operated on the site of the new Golden Nut facility. It shut down in the spring of 2002 and had employed more than 250 people at one time. The company restructured and consolidated at its Wisconsin headquarters.