Sending local care to troops

Published on Thu, Apr 3, 2003 by Rebecca Schwarz Kopf

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Sending local care to troops

By Rebecca Schwarz Kopf

Blaine resident Cheryll Ryan wants to send care packages to the troops, in the form of Avon products.

Ryan, an Avon representative, recently had the idea to send packages to soldiers, which would include items like deodorant, moisturizer, sunscreen, insect repellent, lip gloss and foot cream.

�We had an Avon meeting recently and some of the representatives were talking about it,� she said. �And I�ve been reading in the papers about doing different things for the troops, so I just decided last night I would do it.�

Ryan wants to do what she can for the troops out of American spirit. �I don�t know anyone over there, but I want to do what I can,� she said. �Last night I was just sitting up and thinking �you know what, I�m going to do this.� This is a good thing and it�s really needed.�

Packages costs $8 and are available at the following businesses: Bank Northwest branches, Little Caesars in Blaine, Paso del Norte in Blaine, Breezeway Cafe in Birch Bay, Pioneer Books in Ferndale, and Bellingham Beauty School.

�Interested people can just go to the business and say I want to do this and pay $8. That�s it,� she said, adding Avon has to get the packages to Seattle, and then they are shipped to U.S. troop locations. �Or they can just call me at 332-9415.�

�People can include a note with them if they would like,� she said. �And if people know someone specifically that they�d like to send this to, just let us know and it will go directly to them.�

People can also include such items as books and pictures, if they wish, as long as extra shipping is paid for.

Ryan just started the care packages on Tuesday, adding that Mike Harward from Little Caesar�s was the first business she called (and he said yes right away), and local resident Terry Price was her first sell.

If there are any people interested in helping with this project or bringing their ideas forward to make this effort more successful, they are welcome to forward comments to Ryan.

Also, on April 14, Little Caesar�s is having customer appreciation day, and a table will be set up to take care package orders, but someone is needed to help with that, Ryan said.

�There�s not a whole lot you can do from here. I�m doing this through April 30, and then if it takes off really well then I�m going to continue it,� she said. �But it would be nice if the war ended soon.�