Seaside Wellness spa little piece of heaven

Published on Thu, Jul 10, 2003 by Shanna Green

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Seaside Wellness spa little piece of heaven

By Shanna Green

Walking into Seaside Wellness Studio is like walking into your own private spa. That is because Susie Roberts, the owner and massage practitioner wanted to add luxurious little extras to make her client�s experience both comfortable and memorable. From the white terry cloth bathrobes customers change into to the glass of wine, sparkling water or tea she offers them, everything at Seaside goes a little extra.

�I do not do a 50-minute hour!� Roberts said of her hour-long massages. �It�s an hour or more, that�s one thing I�m proud of.�

Roberts, who has worked both alone and in other spas, spent more than 12 years with her own practice in California before coming to Birch Bay three years ago. Seaside Wellness Studio, her first local practice, officially opened for business over the Memorial Day Weekend, and Roberts said there has been a steady stream of clients ever since.

�I�m just fortunate,� Roberts said. �I feel so lucky, I love my place and I love being here.�

Roberts said between her design ideas and her husband�s construction abilities, they transformed the once plain office space into a small ocean themed spa, complete with the sound of crashing waves and sea shells scattered about the room.

�I had the idea for the look of the place,� Roberts said. �It just came to me.�

With her husband�s help, Roberts painted the gray walls �ocean flower,� a color that reflects the spa�s beach theme, and covered the ceiling�s fluorescent lights with lavender fabric that floats above the room. �I think everybody feels good when they�re here,� she said.

Roberts offers one and one-and-a-half hour full body massages, and said that at $55 for local clients, they are very reasonably priced for the treatment customers receive.

Before the massage begins, she relaxes people with an aroma-therapy foot soak that lasts about 20 minutes. The massage treatment is a deep tissue, non-intrusive massage, designed to relax the muscles and rejuvenate the tissues.

Roberts said that aside from how good it feels, massage also offers physical rewards such as boosting the immune system and helping to tone muscles. �It�s sort of like a mini workout because physiologically it does the same thing,� she said.

�Most people initially feel relaxed after a massage. My massage leaves you feeling energized.�

Roberts also offers facials, foot treatments, and reflexology treatments, which are massages concentrated on certain areas of the feet and hands connected to other areas of the body through nerves.

Roberts said she is happy with the business and its location.�I meet the most wonderful people and I get to develop a relationship with them and that�s what I look forward to,� Roberts said. �I think it�s a success story or it will be.�