School construction to move center

Published on Thu, Aug 7, 2003 by Rebecca Schwarz Kopf

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School construction to move center

By Rebecca Schwarz Kopf

New construction within the Blaine school district is moving the Blaine Family Service Center.

The school district has announced that the buildings at 785 and 765 H Street, which house the center, will be available to move August 15, for free. According to the operations office at the school district, the school wants those buildings moved by September 15, because new construction will begin there, specifically the new administration building. The parties wishing to take these buildings must take the whole buildings and pay for any moving costs.

�We�re actually going to move right down the street. We will move over directly across from the Boys and Girls club into a building called the middle school gym. We should be up there the first week of school,� said Leaf Schumann, director of the Blaine Family Service Center.

The area is adjacent to the elementary parking lot, and the center will be housed in the rooms above the gym. �Over a lifetime that area has been a bunch of things, but it will now be our temporary office until the spring of 2004,� Schumann said.

Next spring, the current administration offices will move into the new buildings soon to be constructed at 785 and 765 H Street, leaving the old administration offices for the Family Service Center. �There will be short-term chaos, but it will be really cool, to move into the current administration buildings.�

No contacts have changed for the center, however meeting and supply locations will likely shift a bit. �We�ll be moving our discussion group over to the Blaine Boys and Girls Club,� Schumann said. �They�re (the club) eager to have us move there.�

Center still in need of funds
The center is currently in a time of financial uncertainty, as grants the center was seeking for this year�s budget have been cut or they have become more competitive to get. But some money has come in, in the form of one grant and two community donations.

According to Schumann, the Family Service Center has received a Readiness to Learn Grant, which is about $43,000, which will help with personnel costs.

�That was kind of key, to get that. We also have some carry-over funds and we�re applying for other grants and programs. We like to limp over into the next school year,�

Schumann said, laughing. �It�ll be more like a ford than a cadillac, but we�ll be there.� Schumann said the center has recently received two community donations that amounted to about $1,000. �The employee group at WalMart gave us $500 and we received about $500 from the Human Race.�

Anyone interested in making a donation to the Blaine family service center, should call 332-7179 or send to: 770 Mitchell Avenue, Blaine, WA

Those interested in the buildings at 785 and 765 H Street should call the school district operations office at 332-6613.