Woman�s flute plays healing music

Published on Thu, Aug 14, 2003
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Woman�s flute plays healing music

by Shanna Green

Lynda MacCaull said she does not play the flute to entertain people, she plays for their hearts and souls. MacCaull is the facilitator for Essence Flute a unique business which offers therapy through live flute music combined with reiki and yoga breathing.

MacCaull has been playing the flute for more than 20 years, mostly in Canada, but has spent the past six years playing in Whatcom County and is now working throughout Blaine and Birch Bay.

Through Essence Flute, MacCaull offers performances for ceremonies, hospitals, and those who need home-care, as well as provides relaxation therapy and music lessons.

Although her work is constantly changing, MacCaull said, she loves playing the flute for people and touching their hearts with her music.

�Essence Flute is all about relaxation and bringing people to the place of just being,� she said.

MacCaull plays two different flutes, the North American Indian love flute, a wooden flute which is played like a clarinet, and a regular metal flute.

Since part of Essence Flute is providing personal performances, MacCaull said residents can hire her to come to their houses and play music that she said �uplifts and soothes the emotions.�

Blaine resident Mel Hollinger said he had asked MacCaull to come to his home and play for his wife and enjoyed her music very much. Hollinger said he first met MacCaull when she was looking for an office space to rent, and after speaking to her about her business, he decided to try it.

MacCaull said it was a privilege and a delight to play for Hollinger and his wife, and that being able to do that is part of what she loves about performing for others.

�You play for all kinds of people,� she said. �This is a great passion for me to do that.�

She has played her music at memorial services, births and deaths and said it is an honor that her music has accompanied people both into the world and out of it. MacCaull also plays her flutes every Wednesday evening at St. Joseph�s Hospital for people who are in the out patient recovery center.

�This is the extraordinary journey I get to travel because I play the flute,� MacCaull said.

MacCaull likens the soothing power of playing the flute for people to playing a flute herself. �We are all living flutes, it�s empty inside. If there is anything inside the flute, the notes played will be muffled,� MacCaull said. �Only when you have an empty vessel can the divine musician play it.�

MacCaull�s CD, First Breath, is available at Cellophane Square, Woodside Church, Goodwin Music Station, and the Noisy Neighbor. For more information on Essence Flute, please contact MacCaull at 371-0116, email her at essenceflute@hotmail.com.

MacCaull is currently inviting anyone who is interested to attend a free interactive performance with her. For schedule information on the performance, please contact Erika at 733-1927 or Paul at 371-4071.