Rash of local bicycle thefts reported

Published on Thu, Oct 30, 2003
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Rash of local bicycle thefts reported

More than 10 bikes have been stolen throughout the Blaine community in the last week, and authorities currently have no concrete suspects, according to police.

Blaine police chief Mike Haslip said there has been a rash of bicycle thefts, and the thieves are not being selective. �They are taking nice bikes, old bikes, BMX and touring styles � basically if it�s left out where it can be found, it�s being stolen,� he said.

Most of the stolen bikes have been taken from the Salishan neighborhood and the residential area south of H Street and west of the school, as well as school grounds and other neighborhoods. Only one of the bikes was reported to be locked at the time it was taken.

�The key appears to be opportunity; if the bike is left unattended, or especially if it is left out after dark in a place that is visible from the street or alley, it is vulnerable,� Haslip said. �These thefts are more than an inconvenience, they hurt the families who suffer the loss.�

Bike owners, Haslip said, should lock their bikes when not in use and store them away from public view. �Make sure to write down your bike�s serial number and identifying information,� Haslip said. �Consider etching your components � bikes and wheels for instance � with an identifying number. A Washington state driver�s license is the easiest number for officers use to identify and contact the owner of a part they recover.�

When asked if there have been any suspects, Haslip said officers have located and interviewed a couple of local �young people of interest� in the thefts; however, no arrests have been made.

�Undoubtedly there are people in the community who know who is committing these thefts,� Haslip said. �Frequently in cases like this, the thieves steal the bikes and quickly dismantle them to use, sell or trade specific parts, then paint or throw away the frames to avoid being discovered.�

In addition to the stolen bikes, police have responded to incidents involving rocks thrown at vehicles and eggs thrown at homes. When asked if authorities believe these actions are related, Haslip said no links have been made.

Police encourage people with suspicions or information to call or contact an officer. The police department can be reached at 332-6769.