Hobberlin re-enterspolitical life

Published on Thu, Apr 29, 2004 by rent Cole

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Hobberlin re-enters political life

By Brent Cole

John Hobberlin, Blaine’s mayor from 1995-2001, is looking to enter state politics as a Republican candidate for the 42nd district seat currently held by Democrat Kelli Linville. Hobberlin believes his extensive background in government will be an asset to the state legislature.

“Having worked within the structure of local and county government for over a decade, I know firsthand that strong and responsive leadership produces effective and positive changes,” Hobberlin said as he was announcing his candidacy.

Hobberlin resigned as mayor in 2001 in order to move to Florida. At the time Hobberlin cited the climate as the reason for his move south, but the community soon drew Hobberlin and his wife of 32 years back after only one year. “Our kids live on the west coast. Plus, we missed our friends and neighbors.”

Hobberlin has also been a teacher, school principal and colonel in the U.S. Army, all of which add to what he believes are his strengths as a candidate.

“As a colonel in the Army, I was honored to serve my country for many years. It is with the same level of commitment that I desire to represent the people of the 42nd district,” he said.

For Hobberlin, his top priority is education and his 30 years in education will be a defining asset in his battle for the legislative seat. “Over the course of the last few years, many changes have been made that significantly impact the focus of our state’s educational system,” Hobberlin says. “Considering my many years of first hand experience, I would welcome the opportunity to contribute to the continued development of one of our state’s highest priorities: education.”

Hobberlin isn’t sure how many other Republican candidates will be running in the primary, though he does know that local David White has filed his papers.

Hobberlin believes it’s time for a change in the 42nd District and that he’s the right person to fill the seat. “I believe the citizens of the 42nd District desire an individual with this kind of leadership to represent them and our local concerns at the state level” he said.

Now that he has announced, Hobberlin is eager to get the word out. “I’m basically on the campaign trail. I’m meeting people, getting reacquainted with voters and getting my platform out,” stated Hobberlin.