Avoidfuture tuition increases

Published on Thu, Jun 3, 2004
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Avoid future tuition increases

Washington families opened over 8,000 new accounts in the state’s Guaranteed Education Tuition Program (GET) during the 2003-2004 enrollment period, bringing the total number of accounts to over 44,250.
GET allows families to purchase “units” of tuition at current unit prices, to be used in the future, locking in the cost of college tuition at the time of purchase. In the most recent enrollment period, purchasers bought 1,391,276 GET units. This brings the total number of units held in GET accounts to 9,124,381.

“Families are seeing the value of establishing GET accounts for their children’s future tuition,” said GET director Betty Lochner. “Each year thousands of additional Washington families enroll their children or grandchildren to help plan for the rapidly rising cost of college. This fall, tuition will again increase at our state’s colleges by seven percent. GET accounts let families lock in the cost of tuition today, with the guarantee of the state of Washington behind them.”

GET accounts may be used at almost any university, college, technical or trade school in the country. GET is an IRS Section 529 program, and all growth in the accounts is tax-exempt when used for eligible education expenses.

To learn more about the GET programs, call toll-free: 877/438-8848 or visit the website at www.get.wa.gov. Enrollment will open again on September 15 at a unit price to be set in August.