Onthe Waterfront

Published on Thu, Aug 5, 2004 by an Hrutfiord

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On the Waterfront

By Jan Hrutfiord

The long hot days of summer got to a lot of people, who were hoping for cooler days, rain, whatever it took to get rid of the heat.

Local kids have found the answer - jump off the end of the dock on Marine Drive and take a nice refreshing swim. This seems to be a common plan for teen-agers who walk or bike to the dock, mostly in small groups, and go for that swim! Ah, to be that young again! Although I must confess I did my swimming in Dakota Creek when I was that age, and didn’t even think of jumping in at the harbor mouth. It certainly looks like fun, though.

The engineering and geological survey team which was checking out the old unused pipelines going from the Blaine side to Semiahmoo were working just off the end of the Marine Drive dock in July. The pipes were located, and a diver was on the bottom - 50 to 70 feet down - with a pressure airhose which was used to dig the pipes out for inspection. It was interesting to watch this process.

Most boats going by gave them a wide berth, showing that they understood the meaning of the blue and white flag on the boat, which shows that a diver is underwater in that area. I learned that the diver is allowed to stay down no more than 100 minutes a day, and that he was connected to an air hose from the boat, and also had a microphone system in his head gear that he could use to communicate with those on the boat above. It is hoped that one of the pipelines can be used for fish processing wastewater disposal.

The Drayton Harbor community oyster farm which was planted three years ago by local volunteers is approved for harvest, and some have already been harvested and shipped for sale.

It is hoped that some of these oysters can be sold to the local consumers. Drayton Harbor has traditionally been one of the best growing areas in the state. It is planned that there will be more oysters planted here next spring.

Salmon fishing started for sockeye salmon, with commercial fishermen fishing out of Blaine harbor the last week of July. There’s not too many local seiners fishing here this year, there will be a few more gill net boats fishing than seiners.

Treaty Indian fishers were fishing early in the week, with seiners and gillnetters Wednesday and Thursday. There weren’t very many fish caught this first week. Watch for the signs for fresh salmon being sold from boats on the dock.

The Lady Washington made a visit to Blaine last week, with time for viewing the boat, as well as sailing dates for locals who wanted to see what it was like to sail on one of the old-time sailing ships. Also, there were films being shot on the ship for a TV documentary. Some of you saw the Lady Washington in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean which came out last year.

Enjoy the long hot days of summer while they’re here, go for a boat ride, (the Plover is available Friday, Saturday and Sundays), swim, or a picnic in the park. See you down here soon.