Thesmaller of our parks

Published on Thu, Dec 2, 2004 by Jan Hrutfiord

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The smaller of our parks

By Jan Hrutfiord

Our Blaine parks include many small “street-end” parklets. These small but important parks are along the waterfront areas for the most part, and give us our view corridors which will become more and more important as the land on the west side of Peace Portal is built up.

The parks board has been working on defining and improving these small parks, with a lot of approval from the citizens of Blaine. The parklets will be given permanent names in the future, but right now most are called by the street name they are on. Hence, Martin Street parklet is at the waterside end of Martin Street, etc.

One of the oldest parklets in our town is Lester Park, which is at the end of G Street. This parklet was given its name from a Mr. Lester, who was a businessman in Blaine many years ago, and after he retired, would sit in this park and watch what was going on in the business community. Lester Park had a wishing well, which is now a planter with beautiful flowers, from tulips in the spring to a variety of petunias and other summer annuals during the growing season.

The VFW has their flags in Lester Park as well as war memorials for WW II through Vietnam. A WW I cannon is also in this park, much to the delight of little boys, and often dismay of their mothers.

With the building of the boardwalk between G and H streets, Lester Park will be transformed into a plaza designed for public gatherings. Within months the VFW artifacts will be moved to a nearby location in the area adjacent to the city buildings on H Street.

The H Street parklet is also one of the oldest small parks along Peace Portal, and also will be changed as the boardwalk is built. The views from both of these parklets will be preserved, and the amenities of these parklets will be enhanced for everyone’s benefit.
More on our street-end parklets at a later date.