Methmaker to meet his jailer

Published on Thu, Dec 16, 2004
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Meth maker to meet his jailer

Scott Liles of Blaine was sentenced to nearly six years in prison on Friday, December 10 in Federal District Court in Seattle after having been convicted on drug charges stemming from an incident two years ago in Birch Bay.

Liles, 36, and a woman companion were manufacturing methamphetamine in the kitchen of a small bungalow in what was once the Blaine Air Force station when the mixture exploded, blowing out all the windows in the house.

Blaine fire chief Jim Rutherford said, “District 13 responded with two engines, an aid car and a medic unit but we found no fire when we arrived. They claimed that they’d been cooking potatoes. But potatoes don’t blow up like that, of course.”

Agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration went through the structure later, found drug manufacturing equipment and arrested Liles. Rutherford, who testified during the trial, said, “the place was really a mess, the stove tipped over and so on. The stuff they use to make meth, like cleaning fluids and other solvents, is highly explosive.”

Three children were in the home and were placed with grandparents when Liles and his companion were taken into custody.