Happydays are here again

Published on Thu, Feb 3, 2005 by ack Kintner

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Happy days are here again

By Jack Kintner

Blaine and Birch Bay will get almost six million dollars worth of sewer construction funding from the state thanks to a bill that the Washington state house unanimously passed last week. The measure will fund 64 projects around the state that have been recommended by a public works board. An identical $155 million measure was given its first reading in the state senate on January 27, the day after it whizzed through the house, and is expected to receive that body’s imprimatur as well.

Birch Bay gets $765,000 to put in almost two miles of gravity feed sewer systems in the Birch Bay View neighborhood near Cottonwood Beach. It’s the last neighborhood in Birch Bay that still relies on septic systems for each house.

Blaine gets over five million dollars to construct a wastewater pre-treatment facility and a 700,000-gallon equalization storage along Marine Drive to prevent sewage overflows into Drayton Harbor, plus re-build lift station number one. It will involve tearing out a part of Marine Drive but the work should be done by fall.

For more information and to check the specific language in the bill, go to www.leg.wa.gov/ wsladm/billinfo1/dspBillSummary.cfm?billnumber=1049