Kayakernabbed with pot

Published on Thu, Feb 3, 2005
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Kayaker nabbed with pot

The officer in charge of the “Eye in the Sky” border surveillance cameras noticed an unusual disturbance late last Monday night in Semiahoo Bay that ultimately led to an arrest of a Canadian man in possession of over 100 pounds of B.C. Bud.

According to the Border Patrol’s Blaine sector deputy chief Joe Giuliano, cameras picked up what turned out to be splashes from a kayaker’s paddle a few miles offshore, “and we were able to project his landing point to be the shoreline near Semiahmoo Resort, by the old APA commissary building,” Giuliano said.

Officers were in place by the time the kayaker arrived, shortly before midnight, and waited for him to unload two large duffel bags on the beach. “The officers walked up and introduced themselves,” Giuliano continued, “whereupon the man took off and jumped into Drayton Harbor. But when he was advised that he’d picked a body of water that was just a small bay, and that it was surrounded with Border Patrol agents, he gave himself up.”

Giuliano said the man, a Canadian in his 40’s, was taken into custody.