It’sa no-go on Drayton Harbor Road for the time being

Published on Thu, Feb 24, 2005 by ack Kintner

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It’s a no-go on Drayton Harbor Road for the time being

By Jack Kintner

Recent rains softened the bank along the south side of Drayton Harbor Road so much that the road began washing out, so Whatcom County put up temporary barricades until repairs can be made.

The trouble is that many drivers ignored the “road closed” signs that effectively makes Drayton Harbor Road a dead end, even to the point of getting out to move the barricades out of their way. Near the west end of the closed section, deep ruts show where one vehicle tried to drive around the barricades by crossing someone’s lawn. County employees have continued to add more barricades at the east end of the closed section near the intersection with Shintaffer Road to widen it.

Nineteen years ago Whatcom County put signs along Drayton Harbor Road to encourage traffic to use the Semiahmoo Parkway instead, but, “They didn’t do a bit of good,” said long-time local resident Becky Terry, who lives with her daughter and son-in-law, Tim and Grace Lukens, at the family-owned Grace Harbor Farms at 5157 Drayton Harbor Road. “But now it’s great, with the barricades.”

Tim Lukens agreed, saying, “Most of the traffic went through here around 50, well above the 25 miles per hour speed limit. The barricades are great, and have quieted it down a lot.”

Lukens said that Whatcom County sheriff deputies routinely park along the closed section of the road to cite people violating the barricades. “As I understand it, the fine is over $200,” he said.