Cityadopts skatepark to park family

Published on Thu, Mar 31, 2005 by eg Olson

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City adopts skatepark to park family

By Meg Olson

The city of Blaine has officially adopted the skatepark behind city hall. At their March 28 meeting city council voted to add the skatepark to the city family of parks, opening the door to city funding for improvements to the facility.

“We have cause for great celebration in our community and we see it all the time at city hall,” city manager Gary Tomsic said. “The other day I counted 35 kids out skating. It’s not complete but it’s functioning with great enthusiasm.”

Up until this point, Tomsic told council members, the city had only provided the land for the park to be built. The Blaine Extreme Sports Club’s fundraising efforts had paid for the park to be built.

Blaine police officer Jon Landis, who founded the club, said they had raised $52,000 in the last three years and solicited over $35,000 in in-kind donations. “The construction companies made this possible by donating their time and equipment,” he said. With one ramp complete and others under construction, Landis said the park’s current needs were utilities: lights, electricity, restroom and a water fountain. “Skating is an intense sport. I want something to refill them in a healthy way,” he said. Other plans for the park are to add landscaping, a barbecue/picnic area, and develop programs to teach everything from safety to stunts. “We want to make it one of the best skateparks in the state,” he said.

“The only way we can participate officially was to become an official partner,” Tomsic told council members, urging them to accept the parks board recommendation to add the skatepark to the city’s parks department. He added that an agreement with the Extreme Sports Club would still hold the non-profit responsible for programs, maintenance and improvements to the park, but the city would be able to work with the group to prioritize capital projects with the help of city parks funds.