Newfour-way stop coming

Published on Thu, Apr 7, 2005
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New four-way stop coming

Blaine city council members gave the final go ahead to city public works director Steve Banham for a four-way stop at the intersection of Semiahmoo Parkway and Drayton Harbor Road.

At the March 28 city council meeting Banham presented recent traffic study results indicating that, while the number of vehicles using the intersection didn’t quite merit a stop sign, the speed they were going edged it up to meet the criteria for a four-way stop. “Based on those traffic counts and the speeds these folks were traveling, much in excess of the speed limit, made the numbers work,” Banham said. “There is sufficient engineering basis for this stop.”

Numbers used were from the July 4 weekend, when traffic volumes to and from Semiahmoo spit are at their highest. The average hourly volume of vehicles using the intersection was 419 vehicles, with the average on the busiest street, Semiahmoo Parkway, hitting 251, 49 cars below the minimum suggested in national standards. Average volume on Drayton Harbor Road during the test period was 168, also just below minimum standards. However, the study found 85 percent of the approach traffic to be averaging 43 miles-per-hour in a 25 mile-per-hour zone. That and the volume of pedestrian use in the area tipped the balance.

Council members were strongly supportive of the new stop sign and some wanted even more traffic calming devices to meet cars as they headed down the hill to Semiahmoo Spit. “I think in addition there should be speed bumps,” said Mike Myers. Banham said rumble strips could be put in when the road is repaved next year.