Onthe Waterfront

Published on Thu, Apr 28, 2005 by an Hrutfiord

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On the Waterfront

By Jan Hrutfiord

Most of the commercial fishers in our harbor are getting ready for the next season – crab season is now closed until next fall, and the local salmon season won’t begin until mid-summer.

There is some bottom fishing going on here in Puget Sound waters and off the coast where the bigger draggers are fishing. The rest of the fleet is getting ready for salmon fishing in Alaska, which starts in May, or just getting ready for whatever fishing they plan on doing in the next months.

The annual Blessing of the Fleet will be held Sunday, May 1, 1:30 p.m., at the sawtooth dock in Blaine Harbor. This annual event brings commercial fishers and their families and friends to both welcome and bless those boats which will be fishing through the coming months, and remembering and honoring those local commercial fishers who were lost at sea over the last 100 years, as well as remembering local fishers who have died since last year’s Blessing of the Fleet.

There will be music provided by the Blaine high school music program, and local dignitaries will be there to welcome and honor the fishing community. The Seafarer’s Memorial committee is in charge of the event, and invites all who are interested to come and take part in this celebration. Refreshments provided by families of fishers will be served at the Blaine Harbor office meeting room after the ceremony.

If you have not visited the Seafarer’s Memorial at the harbor lately, there have been some changes made, including the installation of a porthole and boat steering wheel, and the latest new item is the table top from the fishermen’s table which used to be at the Harbor Cafe.

This wonderful table top is being installed on the wall and in itself is a fitting memorial to the many fishers and their boats which were in our harbor 20 plus years ago. For many years, this table was where the fishermen gathered to have coffee, eat, and to talk about what was going on and what they used to do while fishing.

If you remember this table, which has been written about in several different fishing magazines and newspapers, now it will be a permanent display item in our memorial building here at Blaine Harbor.

I hope to see you Sunday at the Blessing of the Fleet, or come to the park and enjoy this spring weather we have been blessed with.