Tasteof Whatcom directs diners

Published on Thu, May 19, 2005
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Taste of Whatcom directs diners

Inspired by a love of food, restaurants and the northwest, Taste of Whatcom.com owners Ruth and Jack Lauman of Birch Bay have merged their website expertise to create the ultimate food resource in the county.

Taste of Whatcom.com will eventually have information on every eating establishment in the county, searchable by type of cuisine, location or by name for easy access. Restaurant menus, prices, daily specials, entertainment, web site/email links and directions are available online. Available as well are banquet facilities, caterers, specialty foods, recipes and more.

Currently a monthly email newsletter is available to visitors who choose to opt-in with their email address. The newsletter will provide information on new restaurants to the area, new menu items, recipes and tasty food related events in Whatcom County.

Taste of Whatcom.com is now seeing 550 unique visitors per day, with peaks just before lunch and dinner times.

With the success of Taste of Whatcom.com the Laumans have just launched Taste of White Rock.com and Taste of Seattle.com and are preparing to launch websites for Skagit, Vancouver, Whistler, Portland, Victoria, Snohomish, the San Juans and Island County. In preparation for the Olympics, they plan to publish a restaurant guide with information on restaurants from Whistler to Portland.

For more information, go online to www.tasteofwhatcom.com, or call 360/371-8082.