YoungAt Heart

Published on Thu, Jul 28, 2005 by oAn Newby

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Young At Heart

By JoAn Newby

What an awesome bunch we have at the senior center! And what a truly great center we have here in Blaine. It is a wonderful place to renew – spiritually, mentally and physically. Here is an ideal place for just simple relaxation and fellowship or stimulating conversation, or just having fun and keeping active.

The center has interesting guest speakers and a large variety of classes, a library of books and videotapes and even a Bible study group meeting Tuesday mornings. There is an abundance of card games, such as pinochle, bridge and cribbage and board games like Scrabble. There are support groups, such as the fibromyalgia support group.

Check out the strength training program and the Cybrex machines that give muscular and mental strength. There is a first-class weight room with great equipment and instruction available. Also there is a very active aerobics class meeting early Tuesday mornings, working up energy one might want or maybe working off energy one might have. This is usually followed by a rousing round of bocce ball out on the green with all the fresh air and Washington sunshine available. Just in case one needs more activity the walking group meets first thing Friday mornings and tours the town or nearby interesting places. There are yoga classes, line dancing and even belly dancing classes you probably wouldn’t want to miss. They meet Saturday mornings.

After all the relaxation and activity one of the center’s delicious lunches really hits the spot. The nutrition program offers lunch Monday through Friday while the staff provides a meal on Saturdays.

The center’s little theater group presented a skit “Happily Ever After” during July to a packed house.

During August, there will be another pancake breakfast at the center on August 13 and a BBQ fun-filled picnic coming up on August 26 with “Ol Time Fiddlers” at the Freeman ranch near Blaine.

To join the center and its many activities and opportunities for fellowship one needs to be only 50 years young. Why stay at home watching the tube and eating baloney sandwiches when you can join active and vital seniors for food, fun and friendship at the Blaine Senior Center!