BirchBay Water Slides sold to developer

Published on Thu, Aug 11, 2005 by ack Kintner

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Birch Bay Water Slides sold to developer

By Jack Kintner

Homestead Northwest Development Company has agreed to purchase the Birch Bay Water Slides, according to Homestead’s operations manager Lisa Guthrie, in a deal that includes just under 15 acres of land at the northeast corner of Birch Bay-Lynden and Harborview roads.

Guthrie said that while planning was still in a preliminary stage, they intend to keep the water slides. “We plan a world-class fitness center to open onto and wrap the water slide component, allowing premium views and fun to fitness center members as well as residents,” Guthrie said.

Homestead will surround that with a residential condominium community, including a planned retailed core much like Barkley Village in the 10 acres that surround the 4.5 acre water park. “The retail center will be designed to beautify and energize what for many is the entrance to Birch Bay,” Guthrie said, “with restaurants, shops and cafes as well as the Little Caesar’s Pizza already in place.”

Homestead has hired Doug Landsem Architects in Bellingham and Murray Hutchins of the international design firm Belt Collins to create the as yet un-named development. Guthrie said they are also working with the Birch Bay Steering Committee leadership to integrate their plans with the community’s stated interests.

“We’ve met and will continue to meet with people like Mike Kent and Kathy Berg,” Guthrie said, “as this all unfolds. It should be a nice project.”