Mothersights cougar on the outskirts of town

Published on Thu, Aug 18, 2005
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Mother sights cougar on the outskirts of town

A cougar residents have been hearing in the lower Dakota Creek area for the past month was seen Monday night in the 4200 block of West Road, on the south side of Dakota Creek east of I-5, according to neighborhood residents Katrina Fuller and Kim Reed.

Both women said they heard the big cat moving around, growling and screaming from about 10 p.m. until 1 a.m. Monday night, and Reed said that at one point she saw the animal “no more than 30 feet away.” Reed indicated that the animal was about three to four feet high, and tawny with a long, “velvet rope” kind of tail. “When it left it was dragging something fairly large into the woods,” Reed said.

“I’d like someone to do something about this,” said Fuller, who said she was told the Blaine police couldn’t respond.
“I guess it’s because we’re just a few blocks outside of the Blaine city limits,” she said, “but I have my kids to think about.” Fuller has a son Joseph, three, and twin girls Alice and Ellen, two.