BlaineAirport Commission:Nothing but blue skies ahead

Published on Thu, Sep 8, 2005 by oug Fenton

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Blaine Airport Commission:
Nothing but blue skies ahead

By Doug Fenton

2004 once again saw us directing much of our efforts toward the removal of obstructions in the flight path to make approaches to the airport easier and safer and to encourage increased transient traffic. Topping of the over-height trees at the north end was completed in early January and, finally, after many years of effort and frustration, the trees at the south end were removed.

A successful Fly-In was held on June 12. It was well attended by local residents, many of whom enjoyed a ride in Bunky Larson’s vintage Travelaire biplane. In addition, a good number of visiting aircraft stopped by to sample our relatively cheap fuel and our gourmet hot dogs.

The city received a grant from the federal government (FAA) to cover 95 percent of the cost of preparing our airport master plan.

This was supplemented by another 2.5 percent from the state aviation division (WSDOT). In connection with the preparation of the master plan, the city appointed a steering committee made up of members from the city council, the airport commission, an airport tenant, local businessmen and residents living near the airport.

Work on the plan is progressing well. The committee met once in September and met again on December 7, when a public information meeting was also held to keep local residents advised of the progress of the plan. The plan is scheduled to be completed in mid-2005.

Bob Franco and Tiana Sanders joined the commission in 2004 and, with the retirement of Bob Brunkow to accept a seat on the city council, the city will be seeking another new member to take office in January.

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