Notedplanner to present vision

Published on Thu, Nov 10, 2005 by ack Kintner

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Noted planner to present vision

By Jack Kintner

The man who told Vancouver to grow up, not out, will pay a visit to Blaine next week

Gordon Price, an adjunct professor of planning at University of British Columbia and former Vancouver City Council member, is scheduled to speak about his strategies for managing growth in Vancouver, as well as possible ideas for Blaine.

Price is known for his building strategy of allowing builders to build as high as they like, granted they provide public amenities that citizens like, such as public parks, walkways or waterfront views.

The event, organized by local realtor Dennis Hill and sponsored by the First American Title Group, Revitalize Blaine Now and West Blaine Business Association, will begin at 7 p.m., Tuesday, November 15 at the Blaine Senior Citizens’ Center on H Street.

Hill, who said he became familiar with Price at a similar builders’ conference in Bellingham, said he was impressed with Price’s ideas.

“He has a unique perspective,” he said. “His whole philosophy is what does the town want, not what the developers or the realtors want. Maybe we can use some of his ideas.”

Hill, who has been corresponding with Price about Blaine, said Price has agreed to try and offer suggestions for Blaine based on what has worked well in other, similar cities.

“We don’t want Vancouver in Blaine,” Hill said. “But we do want to improve business downtown while retaining our small town identity.”