Disposeof mercury safely

Published on Thu, Nov 24, 2005
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Dispose of mercury safely

Whatcom County residents can safely dispose of old thermometers containing poisonous mercury now through December 3 at the Blaine Cost Cutter store as part of the Whatcom County Mercury Thermometer Exchange Program.

The event is funded by the Whatcom County Solid Waste Division of Public Works and allows residents to exchange their mercury-containing thermometers for new, digital ones.

Penni Lemperes of the solid waste division, said mercury released into the environment from products such as broken thermometers can have serious effects on human health as well as pose environmental concerns to fish and wildlife.

“Most of them are glass and if they get broken and it lets the mercury out, it’s dangerous for pregnant women or young children,” she said.
For more information about the program, or where to dispose of items containing hazardous waste, contact the solid waste division at 360/676-5723.