2005in ReviewBirchBay Water & Sewer District

Published on Thu, Jan 12, 2006 by Roger Brown

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2005 in Review
Birch Bay Water & Sewer District

By Roger Brown

• Provided drinking water and wastewater services to rapidly growing Birch Bay area.

• Completed developer extension contracts for over 500 new lots and connected over 250 new living units.

•Signed agreement with the PUD providing 3.1 million gallons/day in new water supply.

• Secured low interest (0.5 percent) loan of $2.3 million from the Public Works Trust Fund to implement sewer capacity increases needed to keep pace with growth.

•Updated water and sewer connection fees so new growth pays its fair share for infrastructure.

•Began projects to improve Pump Station #3 and the Force Main through the state park.
•Initiated engineering report on wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) capacity needs.

•With assistance from Public Works Trust Fund and Community Development Block Grant, started building sewers in Birch Bay View community neighborhood. This project will eliminate problems associated with failing septic systems in this area.

•Started updates to water and sewer comprehensive plans.

•The district’s treasurer (Glenn Golay) received the Distinguished Service Award from the Washington Association of Sewer and Water Districts in recognition of his service to the Washington Finance Officers Association, including serving as president during the organization’s 50th year.

•WWTP recognized for the sixth straight year by Department of Ecology for perfect record of compliance with all environmental regulations.


• Continue to provide water and sewer services to Birch Bay’s homes and businesses.

• Complete projects begun in 2005 and water and sewer comprehensive plan updates.

•Begin design of WWTP improvements.

•Design and construct new water line under Dakota Creek to enhance reliability and capacity of water supply.

•Continue to seek funding from Public Works Trust Fund and other sources and update connection fees to moderate the need for water and sewer rate increases.