2005in ReviewBlaine City Council

Published on Thu, Jan 12, 2006 by John Liebert

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2005 in Review
Blaine City Council

By John Liebert

As a fast-growing smaller community, Blaine had a number of issues facing the city council during the past year.

Growth issues included the east Blaine area of Blossom Development, the Maple Ridge addition and the Capel addition. In the west Blaine area, the issue of Seagrass, Inverness and more recently, the smaller condo additions just south of Semiahmoo Resort has sparked a lot of debate.

Add the addition of new building projects in the Birch Bay area and the over-used Lincoln Road and loss of Drayton Harbor Road, the impact has been disturbing for the residents living in the west area of Blaine. All of these “growing” issues center around the needed expansion of a new wastewater treatment plant; i.e. do we have adequate water and how much will this cost?

Meanwhile, discussions continue as to what are the needs and wants of the central area of Blaine. Development of the downtown area centers on the construction of the boardwalk and the sculpture created by Bob McDermott. Should there be building units taller than three or four stories along Peace Portal corridor, and what to do about parking, are concerns that generate discussions.

As a result of the November elections, a study will be done to look at possible alternative uses of the city-owned land presently being used as an airport. Jason Overstreet and Charlie Hawkins have assumed their new duties this month, replacing Marsha Hawkins and Bob Brunkow as council members.

A new 10th Street roadway has upgraded that part of the neighborhood and new additions to Cherry Street are planned for 2006.

Minutemen, the proposed new mall in Ferndale and the moving of the new Veterans Memorial to the area next to the police department were all issues dealt with this year. A real positive for our youth was the addition of the new skatepark to the city’s parks and cemetery jurisdiction.

During this past year, we said goodbye to a long time city employee – Larry Croft, two planning commission members – Chuck Green and longtime planning chairman Brad O’Neill and airport commissioner Jeff Robinson. Thanks for your service to our community.

As we look to the future, we continue to ask for the citizens of Blaine to join in and be an active part of this growing community. Share your thoughts and concerns with the council and look to the future with a vision and a “oneness of purpose.”