Blainesewer staff win award

Published on Thu, Mar 23, 2006
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Blaine sewer staff win award

Blaine public works superintendent Leroy Dougall and lead maintenance worker Jon Walter have each earned a $175 bonus for keeping the sewer system free from spills this winter.

“We had a pretty rainy January and we didn’t have to fill the bladders for any of that,” said public works director Steve Banham. “In previous years we not only had to fill bladders but we had to hire trucks to take excess flow around to the treatment plant.”

Dougall and Walter came up with a plan to tie the primary sewer main down Semiahmoo Spit to the main, which is currently used only by the Semiahmoo Resort. The temporary intertie can be put into place and monitored when the high level alarm goes off at lift station one on Marine Drive. “Then we’re able to share the excess capacity during that high flow event,” he said.

The costs in overtime and trucking the city saved from the idea was so significant, Banham said, they decided to pass some of it on to the pair that came up with the idea. “This was a really good initiative,” Banham said. “These are the guys who get called out and they creatively came up with a solution.”