Roughstart to the regatta

Published on Thu, May 4, 2006 by ack Kintner

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Rough start to the regatta

By Jack Kintner

A record 82 boats and several hundred skippers, crew and friends from as far away as the Tri-Cities came to Blaine last weekend to compete in the annual Semiahmoo Bay Regatta sponsored by the International Yacht Club of White Rock and Blaine.

The American trio of Gray Hawkin’s Teddy Bear (from Anacortes), Brian Tyrrell’s T-Squared (Tri-Cities) and Mark Gumley’s Blue Lightning (Blaine) took home the first West Marine International Trophy, a competition between American and Canadian sailors divided into 3-boat teams. The trophy is sponsored by the Blaine West Marine store and is awarded on the basis of scores each team member gets in their division in the three race weekend. There are five divisions, A through E, divided up by boat length, equipment and configuration, so for each of the three starts there are actually five separate races going on at the same time.

For the second year in a row, Reigh North of the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club took home top honors in the big boat division A. In division B, Bellingham’s John Garity won with his J-36 Impetuous II by a point over Dave Cross and Rudy Heessels.

The division C honors went to Brian Tyrrell who towed his diminuitive J-22 T-Squared over from eastern Washington and completely dominated the 22-boat fleet with some light air wizardry learned sailing one-designs in Texas.

In division D, the cruisers without flying sails, Dave Dauphinee won two of the three races and the over-all trophy. Both C and D divisions had the first Sunday race thrown out when time expired because of wind dying at the windward mark, nearly stranding some boats rounding during their second of two laps around the 2-mile long course.

For the multi-hulls, Blaine’s Mark Gumley won both Sunday races in his F9R trimaran Blue Lightning but finished minutes out the day before with a fourth, enough to bump him down to second behind Martin and Linda Adams from Edmonds sailing their F27 trimaran Cuttlefish.

North’s win in Saturday’s long race and two second place finishes on Sunday gave him the over-all trophy for the weekend.