Campin,90, to walk 5K Human Race in June

Published on Thu, May 25, 2006 by ara Nelson

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Campin, 90, to walk 5K Human Race in June

By Tara Nelson

Stafholt Good Samaritan Center resident Vivian Campin has a daily ritual of strolling though the hallways, visiting her friends and neighbors along the way and bringing a smile and a handshake to those who cross her path.

Campin, a slight, soft-spoken woman who walks with the aid of a walker, remembers a name and a face, and most often goes out of her way to bring cheer.

Like the man in a coma in the Alzheimer’s wing.

“Hello, are you sleeping?” she said. “I guess he’s sleeping today but he can hear me.”

She also remembers many of the students her late husband Reg Campin taught during his 28 years as a teacher and principal at Blaine high school. Many of those students are now employed at the center, she said.

Like registered nurse Sally King.

“She walks everyday and she never complains – ever, even if the food isn’t always good,” King joked about Campin. “And she’s always worried about us. You’d think she was a nurse.”

Campin, 90, is convinced she has something to give back to others — something that inspired her to walk in this year’s 5K Human Race on June 10, to raise donations for the center’s scholarship programs. “I’ve had a wonderful life and maybe if I can get out and do something for someone else, then maybe that’s why I’m here,” she said.

The program, which was started by former resource development Marjorie Reichhart and former administrator Ann Walter, uses 75 percent of the money raised to offer scholarships to the family of Stafholt residents, volunteers who put in more than 54 hours of donated time, and employees who want to pursue on-going education and training. The other 25 percent is kept by the Whatcom Volunteer Center for organizational, promotional and administrative costs.

In 2004, Campin brought in more than $3,750 in donations as an individual for the benefit walk/run. And again, in 2005, she raised more than $4,300 out a total of $4,922, which the center brought in that year, said Marsha Hawkins, the community relations person at the center.

“Vivian raised a lot of that,” Hawkins said.

This will be Campin’s third year participating in the event and she said she attributes much of her physical ability to her daily regimen of walking three miles a day and exercise - especially stretches, which keep her flexible.

On rainy days, Campin said she gets her exercise on a stationary bike in her small and neatly decorated apartment, and by making her rounds throughout the various wings of the center.

“I’ve never been able to sit still,” she said. “I think that’s why I’m able to do the things I do now.”

Campin said she is ambitious this year and has already started taking donations, though she insists people pay only what their budget will allow.

“I’ll take anything from a penny to a million,” she said. “Of course, I haven’t gotten either, but I’ve gotten a lot in between.”
Those wishing to donate to the center should make checks payable to Whatcom Volunteer Center and sent to The Stafholt Good Samaritan Center at 456 C Street. The center can be reached by calling 332-8733. For more information about the race, visit