Democratslead in state primary election votes

Published on Thu, Oct 5, 2006 by ack Kintner

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Democrats lead in state primary election votes

By Jack Kintner

The second primary election to feature voting by party was held in Washington state last month, and according to Whatcom County Auditor Shirley Forslof, “we saw a 15 percent increase in participation and a heavily Democratic vote.”

Primary results in the 42nd legislative district will pit the following pairs of candidates, followed by their primary vote totals, against each other in next month’s general election: Democrat Jesse Salomon (11,571) will face Republican incumbent Senator Dale Brandland (10,495). Democrat Jasper MacSlarrow (11,470) faces incumbent Republican state representative Doug Ericksen (10,531). Democratic incumbent Kelli Linville (12,435) will be challenged by Lynden accountant Craig Mayberry (10,256).

In the non-partisan race for the State Court of Appeals, Bellingham attorney and incumbent Judge Mary Kay Becker handily defeated Jeff Teichert; the vote in the 42cd district alone was 23,195 to 14,035.

Incumbent Democratic congressman Rick Larsen, who received 18,787 votes in Whatcom County, will face Doug Roulstone, who received 10,045, and incumbent Democratic Senator Maria Cantwell (18,007 votes) will face Mike McGavick (12,355 votes).

Voters in the greater Blaine area followed state and county trends for the most part, voting for the district, county and statewide winners and in doing so giving most Democrats a decided edge in total votes over their prospective Republican opponents in next month’s general election.

Results in county precincts 102, 103 and 104 that surround Blaine, precinct 109 which takes in most of Birch Bay and in the three Blaine city precincts, only two of the seven areas occasionally went against the trend, precinct 104 immediately east of Blaine and precinct 303, the part of Semiahmoo that’s south of the Drayton Harbor Road-Semiahmoo Parkway intersection.

Both 303 and 104 gave the two incumbent Republicans Dale Brandland and Doug Erickson more votes than their Democratic opponents, Jesse Salomon and Jasper MacSlarrow, and 104 also gave more support to Lynden accountant Craig Mayberry than incumbent state representative Kelli Linville and to Republican challenger Mike McGavick over incumbent U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell. Precinct 104 had the lowest turnout of the seven, just under 35 percent, and 303 had the highest at over 46 percent. The county had just over 40 percent turnout.

Both Whatcom County Republican chair Bruce Ayers and Whatcom County Democratic chair Barry Buchanan said that the vote total reflects a heavy Democratic turnout in the primary. “Well, one thing it does demonstrate that we need to get our Republicans out to the ballot boxes,” Ayers said, “because it looks like they stayed home.”