Firedistrict levy lift, wrong ballots

Published on Thu, Oct 26, 2006
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Fire district levy lift, wrong ballots

Lift levy could improve fire protection
In a measure entitled Fire Protection District No. 13, the District 13 commissioners are asking voters within the district to increase the levy rate from its present $1.49444 per thousand to an even $1.50.

The district says it is necessary because of Initiative 747 that passed in 2002 and limited property tax increases to no more than one percent over the previous year. A yes vote on this measure favors increasing the tax rate.

“If your house appreciates then this could raise your fire taxes,” said North Whatcom Fire and Rescue Services chief Tom Fields, “so it’s important that voters know that we plan to increase the level of service with the money this will raise. We need to add staff to do that.”

Auditor issues replacement ballots for many voters
Voters in precincts 109, 126 and 129 did not receive a correct ballot due to an error at the Whatcom County elections office mailing facility.
A replacement ballot will be mailed to these voters. This affects approximately 3600 voters with ballot issues in fire protection districts 3 and 13.

These voters are asked to destroy their first ballot if they have not yet returned it.

If the voter has returned the original ballot it will be set aside and held in the auditor’s office.

These voters are asked to vote the replacement ballot. The replacement ballot will be identified with the words Replacement Ballot on the outside white envelope. Be sure to use the new return envelope in the second mailing.

Auditor Shirley Forslof stated, “You can be assured that the voting system used by Whatcom County will only record one ballot per voter and our internal controls will ensure ballots will be counted in the proper fire district.”