Aroundthe CitySenate approves bill for border-license card

Published on Thu, Mar 29, 2007
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Senate approves bill for border-license card

The state Senate approved 43-3 a measure to facilitate border crossings between Washington state and British Columbia with an enhanced driver’s license instead of the federal government passport requirement.

The enhanced driver’s license would be issued by the state Department of Licensing, and applicants would have to provide proof of U.S. citizenship, identity and state residency. 

Tour provides opportunity for exploration, beautification
Those wanting to know more about shore birds, fish, plants and the major industry surrounding Cherry Point are invited to attend a free interpretive tour along with local birding guide Dave Schmalz and North Sound Baykeeper Wendy Steffensen at 9 a.m. April 7.

Participants should bring hiking boots and binoculars and will be asked to carry bags to pick up litter. Tour leaders will supply water, gloves, bags, and expertise.

Those individuals interested in carpooling should meet at 8:15 a.m. in the parking lot across from the Sunset Square Cost-Cutter in Bellingham in the southeast corner of the parking lot, or at the Cherry Point Gulf Road access road at 9 a.m. For more information, call 360/733-8307.

Blaine voters to be used as sample
The Whatcom County Auditor’s Office will be conducting a test of signature recognition technology for signature comparison on returned ballot envelopes.

VoteRemote, a private vendor, will provide the equipment and software to compare the digital signatures of the city of Blaine voters already on file with the returned envelopes. The process will take place in a test environment to be held in April.

Auditor Shirley Forslof said voters in Blaine will be mailed a postage paid vote by mail envelope containing a request to sign the envelope and mail it back to the Auditor’s Office no later than April 20. The voter’s signature on the envelope will be tested by the signature recognition technology. Blaine was selected to participate in the test since the number of voters in Blaine is a good size sample.

State legislation permitting use of signature recognition technology also requires the technology to be approved by the Secretary of State.
A test of this system was proposed by the auditor to assist the Secretary of State’s Office in testing the system and developing rules for use of this technology throughout the state.

By Tara Nelson