Newstore sells salmon jerky, strange pets

Published on Thu, May 31, 2007 by Jack Kintner

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New store sells salmon jerky, strange pets

By Jack Kintner

Marty Fout and his daughter Cathy re-opened G-PA’s, their new and used variety store in Blaine last October when their former quarters in Sumas had to be vacated.

Now located at the former palm reader’s shop at 1610 Peace Portal Drive, the store features an eclectic variety of collectibles garnered from estate sales, a roomful of used books, salmon and beef jerky the Fouts also sell at the Bellingham Farmer’s Market and some unusual pets called bearded dragons.

“I’ve got warehouses of stuff,” Marty Fout said, “and since this store is a little smaller it will probably stay there for a while.” Fout has done business in Blaine before, principally as the former owner of a marine electronics store on Marine Drive.

The jerky sells for $5 per quarter-pound bag and is made on the premises in three strengths. The beef comes in mild, zesty and hot and the salmon in mild, hot and nuclear.

The most unusual items are in the bookstore, and include a half-dozen or so glass terrariums housing bearded dragons.

Their size and hardiness makes them one of the most popular pet reptiles available, and these are the special project of Cathy Fout, the only breeder in Whatcom County.

“They come from the Australian desert and don’t drink water. Instead they can absorb what they need through their skin,” she said, lifting one of the females out of its dry and warm terrarium. “None of these are for sale, but when they have them, the babies will cost about $100 apiece.”

The store is open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and can be reached at 360/922-0077, or go to their website at