Californiantransplants want to be Washingtonians, too

Published on Thu, Aug 16, 2007
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Californian transplants want to be Washingtonians, too

My mother likes to tell stories of my obnoxious childhood attitude to everyone and everything that moves.

Most of these stories consist of my hardcore, solid and never ending distaste of California, even from a young age. According to Mom, I would easily stand up in a chair and declare boldly, “I’m going to move far away, maybe even to Washington and live in the rain!”
Why then have I lived my life as a Southern California resident? Hard to say, perhaps it was fear.

Perhaps it was that I simply lost my boldness as often happens to people when they travel that final road from childhood into adulthood.
So, I lived my life. Met and married a wonderful man, spent the last 10 years being a stay at home mom, doing all the typical things, but always feeling that I wanted more than the view of hard dirt and harsh desert fields from my kitchen window.

Then it happened, almost all at once, the oh so overwhelming California mentality of self alliance and the standard “me first” mantra fell like a blanket over my entire family.

What are we doing here we asked ourselves? Is this what we want for our children, for us? What DO we want exactly? Then we started answering those questions.

We want a place where family came first. Where if your son was bullied and physically punched at school, you actually got a phone call letting you know.

Where friendships don’t depend on the question “what can you do for me today?” and where underhanded employers don’t attempt at every turn to take advantage of you.

We aren’t looking for helicopter adventures nor have penthouse living dreams, but it would be nice to be able to afford a home and still eat. To participate in a block party and be able to call your neighbor friend.

A phone call from a dear friend of ours sealed the deal. A Blaine resident of a few years, she told us of how different things were and how happy her and her family was, her marriage was stronger, the schools were better, and on and on.

We did the standard research, but we knew in our hearts already what our decision was. As soon as the words “we should move” uttered from our lips, our hearts were lighter and our whole family started smiling at every turn. It was an amazing transformation to say the least.

I called my mother to tell her we were moving to Washington and she simply laughed while saying “that sounds about right”.

So here we are, our boxes are packed, the rental truck it reserved, the kids are excited and my husband and I are like newlyweds.

We are moving to Blaine, the gateway to America. We intend to shed our California persona and embrace the adventures as they come! Is Washington the answer to all our prayers? We’ll see, but it sure does feel like heaven on earth to us.