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Published on Thu, Dec 20, 2007
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Around the City

Blaine woman wins Hit 5 drawing

Miracles sometimes do come true – at one did last Friday for a Blaine resident who bought a winning Lottery ticket during a trip to the convenience store for baking soda.

Thelma Blaisdell was baking cookies for a holiday party last Friday when she noticed her baking soda had expired. Afraid her cookies wouldn’t rise, she ran to the store to pick up a fresh box. While there, she bought a few lottery tickets on a whim.

Blaisdell discovered her $85,000 win Sunday afternoon when she checked the paper.

“I kept looking at the newspaper and my ticket thinking that it couldn’t be real, I thought I had an old ticket or something,” she said. “When I realized it was real I soared straight up to cloud nine!”

Blaisdell said she plans to use her winnings to help pay bills and have a cozy holiday vacation.

She purchased her tickets from the Bay Center Market at 8050 Harborview Road in Blaine. The Bay Center Market plans to spilt their selling bonus among all of their employees as a holiday gift.

Local dairy issues recall of raw milk

Pleasant Valley Dairy is recalling a batch of their raw milk with the sell-by date of December 20 after learning it was possibly contaminated with non life-threatening bacteria.

During a routine sample of the dairy’s raw milk taken by the Washington State Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety Program December 11, officials discovered contamination by Campylobacter jejuni, a bacteria that can cause diarrhea, fever and abdominal pain in young children.

The symptoms usually occur within two to five days after ingestion and generally last for seven to 10 days. Individuals who have consumed the milk and experience symptoms should consult their physician or local health department.

Owner Joyce Snook said she is working with the WSDA to determine the source of the possible contamination and that any milk with the 12-20 sell-by date can be returned to the place of purchase or the farm for a full refund.

“Our utmost concern is the safety and well being of our customers and to offer a food that is unadulterated for health conscience people,” she said. “As a result, we are voluntary recalling our milk with the sell by date of 12-20, due to the possibility of a Campylobacter jejuni bacteria contamination. We will not sell any product that is potentially unsafe.”

The dairy, located at 6804 Kickerville Road, is licensed to process milk and cheese products, including retail raw milk. The WSDA warns consumers about possible health risks of consuming raw milk but many health-conscious consumers swear by raw milk’s nutritional components that are destroyed during the pasteurization process. Many argue it is no less safe than pastuerized milk.

Snook said some of those components include CLAs or conjugated linoleic acid, a fatty acid that may help reduce body fat. In addition, WSDA officials take routine samples to determine that the raw milk is free of pathogenic bacteria.

Pleasant Valley Dairy can be reached by calling 360-366-5398.
Snook said individuals who want to learn more about the health benefits of high-quality raw milk from pasture-raised cows should visit