2007 in ReviewBirch Bay Water & Sewer District

Published on Thu, Jan 3, 2008 by Emily Resch

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2007 in Review
Birch Bay Water & Sewer District

By Emily Resch

In 2007, the district completed reconstruction of the waterline on Blaine Road from just south of Birch Bay Lynden Road to the vicinity of Double R Ranch. The waterline replaced a facility originally installed by the Birch Bay Water Company prior to the formation of the district in 1968. The district also began design and permitting to work for the Blaine Road water transmission line from Dakota Creek to Drayton Harbor Road. The upgraded facilities will increase the district’s capacity to receive water from the city of Blaine. The district continued to work with the city of Blaine to develop new groundwater resources to help meet current and future needs. The joint effort has produced positive results for both parties, enhancing available water supply by approximately 733,000 gallons per day through city replacement wells 5.1 and 8.1. In August 2007, the district hired a full time water conservation specialist to manage the conservation program. The district has been developing a Water Use Efficiency (WUE) program and setting water conservation goals under the new WUE rule.

The WUE rule was adopted in 2007 by the state to address the growing importance of water conservation to meet future growth and environmental needs. As in the past, the district will coordinate with the city of Blaine on water conservation activities.

The district initiated design and permitting of a force main replacement project from pump station #3 (Cotteril Road) to the WWTP to increase wastewater pumping capacity. The district has been updating their Comprehensive Water System Plan.