2007 in ReviewBest of the Police Reports

Published on Thu, Jan 10, 2008
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2007 in Review
Best of the Police Reports

January 13: A woman called about a dog left outside at a neighboring home on a very cold day. An officer went to the dog’s home and began walking through the snow up to the house. The subject of the concern, a white Husky mix, watched the officer through a window from inside the warm, occupied home. The owner explained that he allows the dog to go outside for necessary activities and then the dog returns inside.

February 17: An officer was contacted at the police station by a man who wanted a power stat card for a neighbor who was in the dark. While helping solve the utility issue, the diligent officer was able to determine that the resident who needed power wasn’t asking for assistance in person because he had outstanding tickets. With continued diligence, the officer soon discovered that the person who did come to the police station had a felony warrant outstanding for his arrest. Realizing that a jailbird in hand was worth two in the dark, the officer arrested and booked the 50-year-old Blaine resident into a cell where contemplated his situation under proper lighting.

February 15: Shortly after his wife left the house, a resident came outside to visit his mailbox. He saw that his spouse had been stopped by police nearby for a traffic violation, so he peddled his bike over to see what was happening. He discovered that his spouse was driving on a suspended driver’s license, at just about the same time that the police were discovering that the wife was also in possession of methamphetamine. The husband was not able to provide much assistance, because he was wanted on a warrant of his own for a criminal traffic violation. The couple ended their evening after Valentine’s Day together, being booked into Whatcom County Jail.

March 28: A Blaine resident reported having received a threatening voicemail from an out-of-state resident. The resident said the threats stemmed from a purported single male looking for a short-term relationship while out-of-state on business. The victim nullified the short-term acquaintance after learning of the male’s marital status. A long-distance telephone call from the police to the suspect’s wife resolved the harassment complaint.

April 30: A sticky disagreement between two young ladies boiled over at Burger King when teenager A poured a milkshake over teenager B’s car. Officers located and contacted the pouree – she expressed remorse and agreed to disagree more civilly in the future.

May 19: Officers responded to a call that four men dressed in black with ski masks covering their face, were in the market parking lot in the 1700 block of H Street, and they were walking toward an open business. A very scared pregnant shopper who thought a robbery was about to occur, entered the market, and alerted the manager of her observation as he was counting cash. Border Patrol and Blaine officers arrived and found four 15-year-old boys dressed like Ninjas, trying to sneak up on their friends in the parking lot. The manager advised the young men of the fear they caused the customer and gave the boys a no trespassing order.

June 3: While digging in her backyard a woman uncovered a piece of jewelry, a partial jawbone, and a tooth. Police were contacted and took custody of the fragments. Forensic analysis revealed that the bone and tooth were definitely not human, and were most likely from a bear. Extensive speculation as to how a jewelry bedecked bear met its demise amid the rhododendrons is underway.

July 3: A man called 911 demanding that his wife be deported back to Asia. On arrival at the home on F Street, officers found an intoxicated 46-year-old Blaine resident who was upset that his wife would not cook dinner. A record check showed the demanding husband was wanted on an outstanding warrant. He was arrested and booked into jail in time for a free dinner.

October 2: A visitor to Blaine contacted police to complain that the mafia and the CIA were conspiring to kidnap people and force them to other planets. Officers interviewing the informant learned that her real anxiety stemmed from our government’s activities in conducting psychological warfare as well as environmental problems caused by black holes.

October 3: A resident reported Santa came early and dropped a used bicycle onto her front lawn. A public works elf dropped the bike down the police evidence room chimney until its good little owner was located.

October 31: A passerby advised police that two men were sitting alongside I-5 quaffing a brew. An officer contacted the duo and determined that no alcohol was involved in their leisure. The gentlemen were given bus tokens for a ride to a place where conveniences like chairs and a table were available.

November 11: A citizen reported a man wrapped in a blanket walking on Marine Drive clutching a small child. Officers contacted the pair and made sure they were OK and did not need assistance. Officers cleared with no action taken.