Washington voters prefer primary to caucuses

Published on Thu, Feb 28, 2008 by Tara Nelson

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Washington voters prefer primary to caucuses

By Tara Nelson

Washington voters overwhelmingly prefer the traditional primary voting process as opposed to the caucus system, according to one academically funded research poll.

The Washington Poll, a non-partisan academic research project sponsored by the University of Washington Department of Political Science and co-chaired by Todd Donovan, a professor of political science at Western Washington University, found that a whopping 54 percent of Democrats and 51 percent of Republicans favored the primary
voting process alone and without the caucus system.

Another 31 percent of Democratic voters and 38 percent of Republican voters polled preferred the current dual caucus-primary system used by the state of Washington. Only 10 percent of Democratic voters preferred
the caucus system and only 3 percent of Republican voters did.

The survey polled 300 randomly selected registered voters.

Results from the survey are also online at www.washingtonpoll.org/results.html..